Benefits of Shopping Consignment

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Benefits of Shopping Consignment

Shopping consignment gives you a wider selection of pieces at a more affordable price. This allows you to refresh you or your children’s closet with gently used name brands, keeps less clothing out of landfills, and can even earn you money.

  1. Find quality pieces at a discounted price.

When shopping consignment you can always guarantee to find quality name brand clothing for a fraction of the price it would be in a retail store. Every item that comes through the store is carefully inspected and hand-selected to be sold so you can always find great quality items. Many times you can even find new items that still have their original tags attached, and with new items coming into the store daily you can always find something new you haven't seen before every time you shop.

  1. Great Sales

All of the items sold at a consignment shop are already sold at a discounted price, but there are often times weekly sales, to get those essential items you were looking for at an even greater discounted price.

  1. Find unique or vintage items

Since consignment shops have a much wider range of styles and brands then your regular name brand retailer; and clothing of all ages and brands coming in daily you may find items that are only sold online, designer, or a flash of a fashion trend from your own childhood.

  1. More Eco-friendly

Shopping consignment keeps more clothing out of landfills and allows an item that may be old to one person to become a brand-new item to another. In 2017 the EPA recorded that 11.2 million tons of textiles were received by landfills and only 2.6 million tons of those textiles were recycled. When you sell items secondhand to a consignment shop or purchase from one, you are allowing less of those items to end up in landfills and not be recycled.

  1. Can earn you money

At Kid’s Klothes all consignment is done by season. If you have a surplus of items

from the current season we are collecting for, you have the opportunity to make 50% of what we sell your items for. Just bring in all your items clean and laundered and they will be inspected by one of our buyers, for consignment. If your items are out of season, you still have the opportunity to receive cash or store credit for the items that we can use and we can donate the items we can’t use, for your convenience.