About Consignment

  1. 1.Children’s clothing (infant-->teen)

  2. 2. Juniors’ clothing (name brands)

  3. 3. Maternity clothing

  4. 4. Toys

  5. 5. Children’s furniture

  6. 6. Men’s/Young adult name brand clothing

  7. 7. Women’s business/casual clothing

  8. 8. Jewelry

  9. 9. Longaberger baskets

  10. 10. Designer handbags/accessories

  11. 11. Decorative accessories

  12. 12. Books

  13. 13. Movies

  14. 14. ..AND MORE!!

             Consignment Policy

  1. *All items received will be
    commissioned on a 50/50 basis.

  2. *Merchandise must be clean, in season, in style, and wrinkle-free.

  3. *Merchandise will be commissioned for 90 days--you will receive a check at the end of that period.

  4. *No checks will be processed under $5.00 (consignor must pickup cash).  No further notification is required by Kids’ Klothes.

  5. *As clothing sells, consignors may use their money to purchase items in the store.

  6. *All merchandise is subject to sale and coupon discounts.

  7. *Although reasonable care will be taken with all articles, merchandise is left at the owner’s risk.  Kids’ Klothes is not responsible for fire, theft, or casualty.

  8. *Consignor has 7 days from the end of his/her contract to pickup unsold items; otherwise, items will become store property.

  9. *Kids’ Klothes is not responsible for items not found!

  10. *You may receive a check anytime your items start to sell.

What do we consign?

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January 1st:

Begin accepting Spring/Summer

June 1st: